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Start by clicking "Start a Campaign" below.

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      Tutorial Summary

      1. Create a Campaign
      2. Input Instagram Profile URL (ex. http://www.instagram.com/aelizabeth) and then click contniue.
      3. Choose how many followers you want and how many days to complete the process.
      4. Complete validation process.
      5. and wait for your followers to come!.
      6. Enjoy!

icon Will I get ban?

Definitely NOT! Not even a single chance your Instagram Account will get banned by using our free service. We currently have the safest and fastest way to acquire these tremendous amount of followers which no other provider can ever compete! We are providing Free Instagram Followers for over 2 years now and since then no one ever complain about getting their accounts banned! In over years of providing this free service we have received ZERO complaint since the beginning and we continue giving the same exact quality service to everyone!

Feel free to ask us any question regarding your concern on our contact page below.

icon Max Followers To Get?

90,000,000. Why? Because that's the amount of accounts that Instagram currently have and still growing. We cannot assure you to get exactly 90 Million Instagram Followers of course but let us assure you to acquire at least 10% of it, yes about 900,000 of Instagram Followers for Free at Max! Since our system about getting free instagram followers is not yet fully populated by 20$ up of instagram users yet we assure you getting exactly what you need for.

In other words you can have unlimited number of followers you can get on your account just create campaign again and again to start over again.

icon How Long Will It Take?

We stand on what you say. As you could read above it says "Almost Instant" so expect amazing results within few hours and up to 24 hours to complete your campaign. After completing you can always come back to get more.

But that is of course if you set your amount of time to finish the delivery of followers we will manage to divide the total followers depending your required time of delivery.

Good luck on getting your followers and don't forget to share the love to others. Feel free to share our URL on facebook, twitter and everywhere.



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Feel free to contact us anytime or you can find us on our address below.

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Amazingly, I was so shocked! How on the earth this things is possible? I was just trying this system and it went very good! Thanks to all the creators.

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